Countertops in Casper, WY

Upgrade Your Casper Kitchen or Bathroom with a Countertop

Our countertops are the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen or bathroom remodel. At Cole Cabinets, we can install all types of countertops. Upgrade your Casper, WY home today when you call Cole Cabinets and Wyoming Granite & Tile, LLC.

5 Types of Countertops We Love

5 Types of Countertops We Love

Choosing the perfect type of countertop to complement your kitchen or bathroom can be a daunting task. Make it a little easier with our guide to the top five countertop materials:

  1. Granite - Maintain a classically beautiful room with polished granite countertops.
  2. Quartz - Keep your countertops looking great for years with stain- and scratch-resistant quartz countertops.
  3. Wood - Spend dinnertime impersonating your favorite celebrity chef at your butcher-block counters.
  4. Marble - Impress your guests with exotic marble counters.
  5. Stainless steel - Coordinate with any color palate with stainless steel countertops.

Choose your favorite material, then let Cole Cabinets of Casper, WY handle the rest. Call 307-234-0736 to get started.